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Fido gets dark when someone dies - they will never stop charging you

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Help - how do I stop Fido from draining my deceased mother's accounts? FIDO Refused to cancel and stop payments on my Mom's phone after she died despite our trying in store, over several phone calls - until I got executorship from the courts which took 8 months. They refused to stop billing and charging the phone even though it just sat in a drawer. When I got executorship they said they'd only talk to me and handle it then. When I finally did they REFUSED to refund the 8 months of charges for a phone of a deceased person that was unused and sitting in a drawer. They irony - on one of the many phone calls where I was on hold or transferred to several people all saying the same thing they again asked for more account info which I could only get by opening her phone and finding it in her fido email. Because I opened the phone to look for it that was "usage" and for that I lost the entire 8 months - they refused to refund it as there was evidence of it being used (for them). Garbage. This is how they act when you die. They will keep bleeding you until they can't any longer then treat your family like trash.  I finally after about 8 calls got an email for an estate line and they NEVER REPLIED or offered any help even my lawyer contacting them with all the info is ignored and my mother's account is just drained



This definitely doesn't sound right @Lillooa! We're also truly sorry for your loss. Our community is however not intended for customer service, please reach out to us over Social Media and we will be more than happy to look into this with you to see what happen and what can be done. You can find all our contact methods here.