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Compatibility help needed

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I want to buy an unlocked phone but it is asking me for COMPATIBILITY:


Asian & European Carriers
Unionn Wireless
NEP wireless
Longline wireless
Indigo wireless
Farmers wireless
Edge wireless
Cincinnati bell wireless
Quantum Wireless
SunCom Wireless Holdings Inc
Wireless Alliance


I have no idea which one to submit to the vendor. Anyone have a clue? I've never come across this. To me, an unlocked phone is an unlocked phone and I've used them for years with my FIDO SIM card. The phone is a Sony Ericsson W380i so also OK with Fido. Can anyone help me know which one to choose? Help!




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I'm helpful level 1
I'm helpful level 1
An unlocked phone only works with carriers that use the same frequency as the phone you purchase. For example, an unlocked Fido phone will not work on Wind Mobile. You need a phone designed for AT&T/Rogers/Bellus frequencies of 850/1900 MHz. Generally known as North American phones, but there are other frequencies here too now. Wind, Mobilicity and T-Mobile use 1700/2100 MHz 3G and Modrek on the way. Each phone has different frequencies so make sure you look it up! Go to to research phone models for compatibility.