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Charged for a returned phone

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Last month i bought a phone from fido, a week later i decided to return it since they a have policy of 15 days. i return the phone back and made sure that everything is good with salesman because i heard problems happens oftne when you return phones on contract. Today before i went to sleep i check my email and it looks like they charged me for the whole phone plus a monthly payment on top of the intrest charges. It's been a rough week for me due to personal reasons and i cant deal this hustle on top of the horrible expeience i dealt with buying this phone. Im a student and its exam season, and i dont want to deal with the hustle of calling for hours with customer service. i bought the phone from wirelesswave and i have the recipet of returning it.


the same issue seemed to happen with another customer:





Hey @Abdelt,


That doesn't sound right. Let's take a look at your account together in order to see what's going on.


Feel free to reach out to us through these channels or if you prefer, we can get it done right here on via PM through the Community.


Let us know how you'd like to proceed.😃