What languages are spoken here?

I'm Helpful Level 3
I'm Helpful Level 3

What languages are spoken here?

I was just lurking and read a post written in French -- and was impressed that FidoKenny responded entirely in French. Without translate to English the question and reply, hope the OP could Google Translate back the answer.

Not that I can keep up a conversation in anything but pretty good English, though I can freely convert between metric and imperial units of measure. Feet to furlongs to fathoms to centimeters. Tried French, Spanish and others. But learned that it takes less time to forget a seldom-used second/third language than it does to learn.  And I didn't want to be functionally illiterate in both official languages.


But it got me wondering.. 

Who else wants to wave a little flag and promote their conversational talents in the multilingual field of written communication?


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Re: What languages are spoken here?

Hello @thePoodleFarmer,


Fido provide help in both English and French.

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