why this month my internet useege over too much

why this month my internet useege over too much

why this month my internet useege over too much

I'm a Participant Level 3

why this month my internet useege over too much


 iam over suprices  why this  month my internet useage over too much i normaly use  4g to 5 g 

 this month over 10 g   ' &iam normaly underr wifi  conections 

     since my next bill  sicle by 5 days 

 i need some dat to fellow up som work   with no extra cherges

 i call today three time and no    results   to  solve it   it never hapend with me since iam with fido since  two years 



Hey @jamaljordan2016,


Welcome to the Community!


I can definitely understand that going over your data in never a pleasant situation.


While it's possible that on a regular basis you use less data, there can be multiple factors that will impact your data usage within a specific month, including the Settings in your phone as well as the type of usage that's being done on the device. I would strongly recommend that you take a look at this article on our Community for some useful tips and tricks on how to stay on top of your data usage.


Another useful tool that you can use to manage your usage is My Account the App or online on Fido.ca directly. These self-serve tools allow you to stay informed of your usage at any time and avoid going over (it's important to keep in mind that usage reflected on My Account can take up to 12 hours to be updated).


We also send you a notification text message once you reach 75% and 90% of the data in your plan. Shortly after we send you the 90% notification, we also send you a message inviting you to add a Data Top Up option for the month to avoid overage fees. You can learn all about Data Top Ups here.


Finally, if you have a Pulse Plan and you find yourself in need of more data, you can benefit from our amazing Data Bytes option, that gives you 5 extra hours of data: 1 hour, 5 times per billing cycle. This feature can be accessed directly from the My Account App. You can see the full details here.


This being said, we'd be happy to revise your plan together to see what we have available that might better suit your usage needs Smiley


Let us know if you'd like that and would like us to send you a PM on here.