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Telemarketers calling and filling up my Voicemail box!

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

In the past few months I have been getting so many telemarketers calls! I have gotten at least four calls a day and they are starting to fill up my voicemail so that no one can leave a message! I am on Canada's do not call list, I have blocked unknown calls but there needs to be a button you push to record a voicemail so that these computers are not smart enough to leave voicemails. I am missing important messages because it's so full from telemarketer scams. Please do something about this Fido! 



Hello @Stephanie84,


The do not call list means absolutely nothing to these telemarketers as they do not play by our rules, unfortunately, there is no way to block these calls as yet the Telcos was supposed to implement a new technology called STIR/SHAKEN which suppose to combat these calls but now it looks like it is being pushed back until 2022 see here.