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Roaming charges

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I was charged 15$ every day while on vacation for roam as home service but not even using my phone once

was told by customer service that I had to remove the SIM card or switch to airplane mode 

never had this before, only if I in fact used my phone 

I think it's absurd since they never informed me 

any suggestions 

thank you 


Hi @Asherzvi2017 , sorry to hear that you were charged for roaming. If you don't want to incur roaming charges, your device, as you found out, has to be off or in airplane mode to turn off data and cellular connection with non Canadian towers. If you don't do this, your device will function just as it does at home but using the cellular provider of the country you are in. It's been this way since we started using devices that could connect with other countries cellular networks. At least with the roam like home charges, you weren't charged by the minute or mb of data that was used. I'm sorry you had to find this out the expensive way. I usually remove my sim and use a local prepaid service if i want to use my device when out of country. Cheers