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Refer a friend

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Long-time Fido/Rogers customer. Aside from the occasional service interruption or less-than-stellar CSR, I've generally been pleased with the service and people I've dealt with.  I recently accompanied a friend to the Fido booth at Markville Mall for a new phone plan. I specifically asked the rep who assisted us if I needed to refer him online "before" he opened/activated his new account.  Under the Refer a Friend program, both the referrer and the person being referred are eligible for a one-month credit on their phone bill. She assured us that I could do the online referral afterwards. As it happens, this is NOT the case.  In fact, the program terms specifically state that the online referral needed to be done beforehand. To be fair, the rep was very pleasant and helpful, so I don't think she deliberately misled us, nonetheless we were misinformed. I chatted with a CSR yesterday who had difficulty grasping the situation, but eventually confirmed that, yes, the referral needed to be done beforehand, as I had suspected and specifically inquired about.  Aside from this comment/warning to other users, I'm not going to bother with this anymore. Bottom line: My friend and I were misinformed, and Fido (or at least the rep I dealt with) wasn't willing to make it right. Also, I was supposed to receive a transcript of my online chat yesterday, however that never came through.