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Any great deal not showing on website for loyal customers?

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

I've been with Fido for around 6 years, I'm wondering if I could get an excellent deal with a brand new cutting-edge smart phone at $0. Through those years, Fido's rate increased a lot more than a regular customer can afford. However, the price for loyal customers does not show any attraction. I'm going to either sign the next 2-year contract or switch to other carriers.



Hello @note_book,


Fido promotions are always changing so you will have to keep checking to see what they have. They also have targeted offers at an account level depending on the account. You can login to your account and then go to change plan and see what exclusive offers you have.

It is possible to get a "brand new cutting-edge smart phone" at $0 but that would mean you will have to pay more for the monthly plan. It's the same with every carrier so just take that into consideration when looking.