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Question regarding internet coaxial installation.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hello! Reaching out the the community with hopes someone has had, and been able to resolve, a similiar situation. We've got a condo unit which we rent out which was previously installed with cable at construction and converted to fiber optic after - the Bell technician used the coaxial cable as a guide - taping the fiber optic cable to this, and pulling it though the wall so the outlet. This worked and they said should we ever want to revert back to cable a technician from the new service provider would be able to do the same process and cable would be back. Fast forward to this weekend when our tentant had Fido cable internet installed back and was told it could only be set up as wireless. The technican said it was not possible to run the line (and an electrian would need to be contacted to have it resolved) and put the modem in the front closet where the main cable line enters the unit. I am wondering why the fido installation could not be set up as requested by our tenant? It was not mentioned that it could not be done because they did not have landlord authorization, which we are happy to grant, but rather that because the line was removed wrong last time. I am just confused as to why the Fido tech could not follow the same process as done by Bell previously, pulling the cable through and establishing the lined connection? Would appreciate anyones input. If this is not truly something that could/should be done at time of installation, is it something that can be done as a paid service by Fido service? Would just really like to provide a wired solution for our tenant and I just don't see a good reason why this can't be done if their internet setup is supposed to include installation if the wiring is not in place. Thanks! 



Hello @Brndntd,


What the Bell technician did was smart but wrong he should have never pulled the cable line he was lazy to fish his own line.


When your tenant signed up for internet Fido would have checked and known that the address has a cable line already installed however, they would not know the Bell technician pulled the cable. 


The Rogers technician that came to install the internet would see the cable is no longer there and would have to run a new cable this is why he will need permission to drill into the unit. The Rogers technician might not have thought to pull the Bell line because it's something that should be done.


You can either speak to the Rogers technician and let him know what happened and give him permission and he can try to pull the cable line using the Bell line or you can hire someone to do it.


In my opinion, if you book the installation and when the Rogers technician comes just let him know what happened and ask him to use the Bell line to pull back the coax cable.