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Bad first day or what I will expect with Fido internet?

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

1. I set up my Fido modem as a new 150 Mbps customer 2 days ago. After a great deal of time troubleshooting, I have been unable to successfully get the 5GHz network to work. Both channels show as "on", but even after disabling the 2.4GHz, there was no WiFi at all. I haven't reset the modem yet, but have power cycled it and played with settings logging into the modem directly as admin.

Suggestions to enable 5GHz?


2. Although I have got almost 300 Mbps running SpeedTest on my wired computer, I am getting less than 60 Mbps on each connected WiFi device. Is there some router configuration required to get close to subscribed speeds on WiFi?


3. Previously a CarryTel customer, I always got speeds close to what I had subscribed to, but their all day outages had made me switch. I am regretting my move to Fido after the above challenges as well as being told the queue for phone support was 1 hour 45 min. Is there something I'm missing as a new customer to find better customer support?



Hello @Brodin and welcome to the Community.


I'm sorry to learn about your experience here. Thank you for sharing this on the Community, we are always working on improving the service for our customers.


Did you get a chance to speak to our technical support? I understand that the waiting time is longer than usual right now, I can assure you that our support team is working to answer you ASAP.


It would be necessary to contact them so they can troubleshoot your device. I'm sure they will be able to get to the bottom of this with you.


You can find all the ways to reach us here