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Google Play Deals


Hi guys

I'm an Android user and I am always looking for deals on apps and games so I though I would start a thread where we can share deals that we find with the community.


You can also install the Google Option Rewards  and Google will send you surveys which are quick and easy and you will get credit to spend in the Play store.

To start it off I found Google is giving 4 months free unlimited Google Play Music, but its only for new subscribers, deal can be found here.


Game - Rayman Classic free 



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Get 4 months free Google Play Music, may not work for people who recently got a trial version.

Not applicable

I have used the Google Opinion Rewards app now for well over a year, possibly going on 2 years now. When the app first came out, I was getting surveys right, left and centre, but in the last 6 months they seemed to stop completely.  I did get well over 10 dollars of google play money in my account and was able to use that money to buy music from the play store.  

@Anonymous I leave on my location settings and I usually go to HomeDepot every other day and I get on average 10 to 15 surveys a month and all most all asking when was the lost time I visited HomeDepot and how was the experience. I made almost $50 so far and used it to pay for all my apps.


I find the key is to make sure you leave on your location settings and if you travel around alot you will get surveys.

QR Code Reader PRO was $4.99 now Free


Google Play Music free for 4 months, new subscribers only.

Game :


Bloons TD 5 $3.99 now Free