fraud on my account

fraud on my account

fraud on my account

I'm a Participant Level 2

fraud on my account

Hi ,

My account got frauded. does Fido takes legal action against the person who comitts the fraud?


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Hey @gabdelmalak86


Welcome to the community. That is a great question!


When there is a suspicion of Fraud in an account, we send a request to our Fraud team in order for them to investigate. 


After the investigation is done, they contact you to inform you of the following steps. 


If you wish to look into this with us, you would be able to reach out to us here

I'm a Participant Level 2

How long does it takes for the fraud team to respond ? I have a ticket open already and no one has contacted me.

meanwhile the criminial  is enjoying new phone under my name 

It can vary depending on the case. Usually, our Fraud Management Department will contact you within 72 business hours.


Their expected hours for them to contact you are:

  • Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m. ET
  • Weekends and holidays: 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. ET

I hope you hear back from them soon with an update or resolution.



I'm a Participant Level 2

unfortunatley Im getting badly treated. I feel someone is protecting the criminal who did the fraud.

I was told somebody will contact me but no one did . They locked my account with PIN without even providing me with the PIN . They are not fixing the account and they will not provide me information to give the police.

My name hit the collection because of that and I can not call any body because of the PIN that they did not provide me with .

so I become victim who cant get his rights with fido

That's definitely not how we want you to feel. We'd be happy to look into this and see if we can provide you with an update on that. 


I'll send you a PM here in just a moment. Talk to you soon!