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Agent sold a pre-owned device saying it is brand new

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



I had purchased an iPhone XR online 8 months before. The agent sold the phone to me saying it is a "brand new iPhone on sale". When I asked if it is a pre-owned device, he said it was brand new and I have the chat transcript with the full conversation showing this. I started having some hardware issues recently and when I contacted Apple, they said my phone cannot be repaired under manufacturer coverage because it is not a new phone. Puzzled by their response, I contacted customer service and learned that they in fact sold me a pre-owned device! 

When I talked about it to the supervisor in the technical department, he basically said too bad! I should have been more careful when I bought the phone and when I got the agreement!. They are now saying that I should have noticed it earlier because it is written on my monthly bill and on the original box that it is a pre-owned device. To be honest, the phone box says nothing on it and there is nothing on the bill as well. 

I got scammed and cheated by the agent and now they are talking as if it is a mistake I made. You shouldn't be selling a pre-owned device saying it is brand new. I wouldn't have made the purchase if I knew. Now I have a faulty device that isn't covered under the warranty and Fido refused to help.  


How can I escalate this issue?



Good morning @felixkply  sorry to hear that you are having difficulty getting your device repaired and the confusion around the purchase of your device. This page Help & Support | Fido has a link at the bottom that says, report a concern. That might be a good place to start your dialogue with Fido. I hope you have a resolution soon. All the best