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Getting charged on calls which weren't picked by others and incoming calls?

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I recently got charged $55 over by bill. When I reviewed my bill in depth I saw that I m getting charged for calls I made and that were never picked. Also, they are including incoming calls in my 500 minutes. plus calling toll free numbers are also being charged unnecessarily. 


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Senior MVP

Hello Purihimanshu20,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear you've received some unexpected charges on your bill. It's unfortunate that you were unaware of how Canadian providers charge for airtime.


  I understand some of the charges were for calls which were never picked up by the other party. Within Canada, Fido only charges for completed calls to other Canadian phone numbers. While the other party might not have answered, it's possible that you did not end the call prior to their voicemail picking up. Those calls would still be considered a completed.


  You should also note that Fido's airtime charge applies to every completed call (made or received). Airtime charges (plus long distance, if applicable) apply to completed or answered calls from the moment you press SEND until you press END and includes the ring time. You should note that for international calls or while roaming, you may be charged regardless of whether the call is completed (taken from Fido's Terms & Conditions). Since both incoming and outgoing calls are considered airtime, both would be deducted from your allotment of minutes.


  In addition, you should also note that toll-free numbers simply means that there are no long distance charges associated with the calls. Mobile airtime will always apply when calling any toll-free numbers (see here). It's the same with any of the mobile providers. The only way to not incur airtime charges is to call them from landlines.


  You should also be aware that some toll free numbers may include long distance charges when you are roaming outside of Canada.


Hope this helps 😀