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I recently upgraded to a new phone and plan with one of the lines I have back in Novemeber. Today I received my first bill since doing so. The question I have is that when I did everything online I thought I qualified for the $100 bill credit which I...
I would like to add 2 additional lines to my account for my kids. The one phone that was choosen is a certified preowned, are these only offered online? There is no Fido store in my city so I went to Bestbuy and was told that I can not get a preowned...
Recently my phone will say "No Sim Card / Emergency Calls Only". I don't know why this is happening.  My phone worked great before on the Fido network.  The only way I can fix it when this happens it to restart my phone. Not sure if it started after ...
I just upgraded my phone to a Samsung A5. I used voicemail on my old phone without out any issues. Now on my A5 I try to use my voicemail and it tells me my number is not valid. So how does one setup voicemail on an A5? I tried to do it myself but I ...
I was able to receive and send pictures to all my contacts, no matter what phone they had or network they were on. Now for what ever reason I can no longer receive any MMS (pictures) from them when before I had no issue at all. I can send pictures to...
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