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I can't believe how many people have SD Cards slots on their phones, and don't use them.  Better yet, I can't believe how many people have an SD Card inserted into that slot, but still don't use them because they don't know how.   A lot of people jus...
This will speed up your android animations, making things load faster.   Goto phone settings, then about phone.  Scroll to the bottom where you see build number.  Tap on build number 10 times.  This will unlock developer options.  After you have unlo...
Most people use screen protectors on their devices.. Most of these screen protectors are of the cheaper quality (plastic, flimsy ones).  They still work great for minor scratches, fingerprints, etc.  But they do not offer actual protection for your s...
Here's a tip for everyone, regardless of the phone you use.   Uninstall as much bloatware that comes with the phone as possible.   Most (if not all) Android phones come with Bloatware.  Bloatware are apps that come preinstalled on phones, that 99% of...
Here's a tip to save some battery life...  Any features / toggles that you are not currently using (GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi, NFC), turn off.  To make it quick and easy to toggle them all off and on, I use an app called Power Toggles.  I created a widget...
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