Are you receiving scam text messages? Here are 6 things to look out for

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Hey Community!


Getting tired of those pesky scam text messages filled with nonsense and malicious intent? We call that Smishing (sms + fishing), and just like you, we’re getting pretty fed up with it.


Smishers use text messages to scam you into giving up your personal or financial information, usually by inviting you to a visit a website or call a phone number. These can be difficult to identify given how little text there is, but if you take a closer look it’s easier to detect the deception.


Here are some tips to avoid being duped by these jerks:


  1. Be wary of requests for personal information

If you get a text that states “this is from Fido Your account has been compromised, click here to confirm your information”, it’s a scam. We don’t do that.

Most legit businesses don’t use emails, SMS or pop-ups when gathering personal information. And they won’t direct you to a shady URL to enter your personal info, either.


  1. Watch for alarmists

If you get offered lottery-sized payouts for a little bit of information, or you’re told that babies or puppies are going to suffer if you don’t share your information, it’s a scam.


  1. Look for typos in URLs or email addresses

Scam artists will often register domains with minor variations on actual domain names, like

Take your time to read the SMS so you detect the deceptive tactics.


  1. Look for the “s”

When you see “https” in front of a URL, you know it’s secure. Don’t see the “s”? Don’t submit.


  1. Stay informed

Learn more about detecting fraud and keeping yourself and friends aware. Here are some sites to check out:


  1. Who’s it coming from?

When Fido sends you a text, it will be from a 4 or 5 digit short code and not from a normal 10 digit phone number. If you get one from a number like 587-123-4567, it’s not us.


Have any other tips? Please share them in the comments bellow, and don’t forget to share this article. If you're receiving these types of message, please share them on this thread started by @Cawtau.


Check out this page to read up on other types of scams. Gotta be in the know!






That is great advice, thank you FidoStephane for the advice. I also have one piece of advice to add to that. If someone gets an unsolicit phone call or text message from a possible Smishing or Fishing or Telemarketer, or Fraudster, try NOT to post the telephone number publically. A lot of people Post the numbers they receive in other posts on this very forums and I think it could be very bad and breaching peoples personal privacy.


You need to be aware that the con-artists are disguising their phone number and the number displayed on your phone may actually belong to an innocent Fido customer who has no idea that their number is being used.  What I want to avoid is having angry people who read the post and then happen to Call or Text the number that was posted publically and start bad mouthing the person, who probably has no idea what you are talking about.  If that was my number someone posted and said they are receiving annoying texts from I'd be pist. First because I know I would not do sucha thing, and secondly, I would not want people to read the number and call back and harass me for something I have no idea about.


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Community Specialist

Excellent advice Paolo! Thanks!