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Online payment

I'm back
I'm back

I made payment through my bank online and it's not reflecting in my Fido account.



Hello @Marilynanadebe2,


When making a payment through your financial institution it can take anywhere between 5 to 7 business days before the payee receives the money depending on your financial institution and will be reflected only when the payee receives the money not when you made the payment.


The fastest way to make your payments is with a credit card as the payment will be reflected right away.

I'm helpful level 1
I'm helpful level 1

Online bill payments can take a few business days (that is, calendar days excluding weekends and holidays) to arrive at their destination. However, if it's been 5 business days (usually a calendar week) and the payment isn't there, it's best to call Fido first and then your bank to find out what's going on. Sometimes things are slow, other times there are mistakes and losses.


Make sure you have the confirmation number from the bank in either case... or be sure to record it in future.


If you're concerned about the payment being late, I believe the rule is that it must be considered paid when the bank processes the transaction (takes the money from your account). This would be a logical extension of the "postal rule" as established in common law, but it might not apply anymore. I'd be grateful for sources.