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Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Hey Community!


Here are some posting and searching tips to help you find what you’re looking for.




Before you post a question, use the Search tool to see if anyone else has posted the same question in the past.




You’ll likely find the answer to your question within a thread, and it will likely be marked as the Accepted Solution. Feel free to join in on the conversation too!


Don’t hesitate to use the filters and advanced search options for a more customized experience and precise search results (Note: the filters and advanced search options are available on desktop only). 




If you have a question about billing and long distance phone calls for example, punch those key words into the search and sort through the relevant threads. Look for a thread discussing your topic and join the conversation. You can even bookmark a discussion and receive updates when a new message is posted. Simply click on the Options drop-down menu, and click Subscribe.




If you can’t find a thread that is relevant to your topic, it’s time to start a new thread. The first step in starting a thread, is choosing the right board.


Desktop: On the homepage, hover over Forums in the grey navigation bar up top and choose the board that makes most sense (see board descriptions below) and select New Post.


Mobile: Click on the menu button NBP_Hamburger_nav.png on the top left  and choose the board that makes most sense (see board descriptions below). To start a topic, simply click New Post.


Phones and Devices

This board is dedicated to conversations on phones, tablets, or just cellphone technology in general.


General Support

This board is for anything and everything that can't fit into the other boards (i.e. price plan info, assistance with billing, help with services like text messaging and mobile data, etc.).


Fido Home Internet

You guessed it! This board is for everything associated to our Home Internet service. Questions about your modem? Looking for info on data speeds? Looking for some settings? This is the place.



Chat with other Community members about the My Account app, Device Advice and more.


Tips & Tricks

Let's face it; cellphones aren't like they used to be. You can do tons of cool stuff with them now. Have some tricks up your sleeve? Share them with the Community and earn some cred! You can also scroll through the board to learn a few new ones.


Community Feedback Zone

Share your feedback with us regarding the Community layout, your mobile experience or what you feel we should blog about. Feedback helps the Community grow, so don't hesitate! Don't hesitate to flag any kinks you come across too.





  • When starting a new thread, try using a title that best describes the topic. This will come in handy when other people search for it.
  • Be as detailed as possible in your post. The more info included, the easier it will be for the Community to help you.
  • Don’t bother posting your question in every board thinking you’ll get a faster answer. All duplicate posts are removed.
  • Make sure to follow the Community guidelines and terms of use.




You can find your recent posts by going to your profile page. To get there, click on your username/profile pic at the top of any page, then click "My profile". Scroll down a bit and you'll see "MY LATEST POSTS".


That covers it! Happy searching/posting everyone!