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Hey Community!


It’s traveling season, and as we all know, that means beaches, BBQs, sun burns, and cellular roaming. So before you pack up and get on that plane, make sure you have all the essentials, such as sun screen, sandals, and of course, a Travel Pack : )


* Note to Fido Roam customers: Travel Packs are also available to you when traveling to a destination that isn't covered by Fido Roam.


Without a Travel Pack, your calls, text messages, and data will still work, but will be billed at a pay per use rate. With a Travel Pack however, you get everything you need in one package : )


Check out our different packages here:


There are many different ways to buy one before you leave:

  • TextTRAVEL to 7626. We’ll send you a message containing a link to our Travel Pack selection.


  • Add a Travel Pack via the My Account application on your phone – select Services, choose the country you’re traveling to in the drop down menu, and select a Travel Pack.


  • Add a Travel Pack via your My Account page on – in the Add-Ons box (under your Plan details), select Subscribe to New Add-ons. Select Travel packs and choose the Zone you’ll be traveling to. A list of the available Travel Packs will be displayed just beneath.


  • Add a Travel Pack through the welcome message – when you arrive at your destination, you will automatically receive a text message from Fido with a free link to purchase a Travel Pack. Simply follow the prompts.


Planning on bringing your phone, but not planning on using it? Here’s a good trick to avoid unwanted roaming usage:


  • Turn and leave Airplane mode ON.


  • Remove your SIM card from the phone

So whether you’re visiting our neighbors down south, or traveling halfway across the globe, make sure you’re well equipped. This way you’re sure to have a great trip ; )


Bon voyage!



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