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Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)



Hey Community!


We thought we’d share a few tips and tricks with everyone regarding mobile internet since it’s a pretty hot topic nowadays.


The Fido My Account app is your best bet to track your usage. It automatically follows your billing cycle and resets with it each month.


Many phones have an option to set a data limit in the phone settings.




Note that the steps may vary a little between Android phones due to the differences in the model and OS version, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find.


  1. Go to Settings → Wireless & Networks → Mobile data/Data usage.
  2. Select your Data usage cycle (you can find it in the My Account app).
  3. Set a warning to receive a notification before going over.
  4. Set the limit to the amount of data your plan comes with. If you enable the Set mobile data limit/Limit mobile data usage, your cellular data will be blocked once the limit is reached. Don’t worry; you’ll still be able to use Wi-Fi.

Set your phone to connect to Wi-Fi when you get home, and check that you’re still connected to Wi-Fi before downloading a large file or streaming video/music.


Windows Phone 8


  1. In the app list, tap on Data Sense → Set limit → select Monthly or Prepaid.
  2. Tap the available lists to enter the dates and values according to your plan.
  3. Tap Done


BlackBerry 10


  1. On the home screen, swipe down from the top.
  2. Tap on Settings → App Manager → Device Monitor.
  3. Tap the Settings icon → Data Usage Settings.
  4. In the Mobile Data Limit field, type your monthly data limit in MB.
  5. Move the Early Data Limit Notification slider to receive a notification when you are nearing your monthly data limit.
  6. To change your billing cycle, select a date in the Monthly Reset Date in the drop-down list.


Here are a few tips for the iOS users.


Stop Background App Refresh


  • Settings → General → Background App Refresh


Disable Cellular Data by App (select which apps are allowed to transfer data over a cellular connection)


  1. SettingsCellular
  2. Under Use Cellular Data For, turn off the switch for any app that you don’t want using cellular data.



Android users can also control which apps use background data. Here’s how:


  1. SettingsMobile data
  2. Scroll down and tap on a desired app
  3. Check the box next to Restrict background data.


For Windows Phone 8:


  1. Data senseSettings
  2. Turn on Restrict background data
  3. Select either When I’m near my limit or Always.


Hopefully this will help everyone out. Feel free to share other tips & tricks you may have!