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Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)



Hey Community!


This new phone was announced recently as I'm sure you've all heard. Be ahead of the game and reserve your phone on! Here’s everything you need to know about the Fido Reservation System.


Now, reserving a phone doesn’t mean that you’ll get it before everyone else. It means that you won’t have to visit different stores and wait in line to see if they have that specific model you’re looking for. The phone will actually be waiting for you at the store of your choice.


How to reserve your device:


  1. Log in to My Account on and scroll down to the bottom and click on Device Reservation.
  2. Complete your reservation by selecting your phone and pick-up location, and proceed with the prompts.
  3. A confirmation email will be sent once you’re done.


How will you know what’s up with your reservation? Firstly, you can double check the status and your place in line directly in My Account (see below for status info). Secondly, we’ll send you weekly email updates to give you a heads up of when your phone might be shipped. We’ll send you another email when it’s shipped, and the store will call you when it’s ready for pick-up!



Here are the different “statuses”:




  • Your reservation has been made and we are awaiting product from our supplier. At this time you can change your pick-up location, contact email address or cancel your reservation.




  • We have begun the shipment process and you will not be able to edit or cancel your reservation any longer. The next email you will get will be the one that confirms shipment to the store you chose.


***An In Progress status does not mean your device has been shipped. It simply means that we are working on processing your order. It is unfortunately not possible to confirm how long your order will remain in this status***





  • Your phone has left our warehouse and is on its way to the store you chose.




  • Your reservation has been cancelled and your reservation fee will be credited back to your account.



“What about this $40 reservation fee? Will it be returned to me?” You betcha. You’ll get a credit of $40 (+ taxes) for the reservation fee on your account if you reserved as an existing customer or to the original credit card if you reserved to activate a new line. Your reservation fee will be credited when:


  • your phone ships from our warehouse or
  • you cancel your reservation online.


Before you go to the store to pick up your new phone, why not get a quote for your old phone and trade it in for a credit! We wrote about how the FidoTRADE™ program had a makeover a little while back. Check it out!


To find the answers to all your other questions, click here.


We hope this helps! Feel free to join the discussion on this thread to see which models our other members have reserved.