poor customer service

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poor customer service

Very poor customer service being a customer with fido for almost 5 years never get a call from fido offering a better deal on the otherhand my frnd get good deals ona regular basis with their provider.
Customer service cannot offer a good deal and when the call is transfered to customer retention team they offer u even less than what customer service offer.

Very unhappy with the servise i am regreting why i was with fido for last 5 years
Time to move to a different provider who can value

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Re: poor customer service

F3548 wrote:

Sure u will come to know when  u will be in a situation like this

From the past 1 weeks I am trying to make fido understand that when in Dec they had the deal I was not in Ontario so my only option was to call customer service which I called 100 times with no luck bcz it's always busy even went to fido store in Montreal but they said they cannot do anything.

Trust me I am happy to leave fido as well u can enjoy their bad customer service.

On the name of solution when u get deals which are even worst then what u have.


Here's the issue. there were tons of very good deals in Dec and a lot of my friends signed up for them. I have one of the grandfathered plans so it is pretty much impossible for Fido to match it at this time.  The plan I am enrolled in is even better when compared to the deals offered in Dec so there is no reason for me to complain.


When my needs change I will start hunting for deals just like you; however, I don't see the need to complain as I know the cell phone market place is not very competitive (as I mentioned in some of my posts earlier) and there isn't much "choice" out there.  Would I switch due to price? Who knows what will happen in years to come.


One thing I can confirm for sure is that I am happy with Fido's customer service for many years (in fact, I mentioned the same thing to the operator on the phone when I called in on Dec 26).  May be your expectation is above national standards or you are just asking too much while sitting on that high chair.

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Re: poor customer service

Hello, here is a visual representation of this thread:




Hope this helps.

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Re: poor customer service

Sorry to chime in BUT as far as customer service is concerned I just joined Fido this month because of the deal offered and 

this has to be the worst customer service I e ever seen and I’ve been to all the providers !! I wish I didn’t have to even call but my  great December deal not only wasn’t honored but nothing but overcharges on a bill that is now in mediation because after numerous attempts to get through was just told it’s all normal on your first bill of $500 dollars 


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Re: poor customer service

Hi @Ms5star1! We sent you a PM earlier this week. Did you have a chance to reply?

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