Your monthly bill just got a makeover

Your monthly bill just got a makeover

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Hey everyone!


We’re always looking for ways to serve you better, so we’ve created a bill that makes it easy for you to understand your monthly charges and manage your Fido services. It’s now simple and will save you time.


New online bill: 


New paper bill:


You’ll notice a completely new design next time you check your bill. Here are a few of the changes that were made:


  • New design that’s clear and simple
  • Ability to view the bill on your mobile phone via the My Account app, available 24/7 and on the go
  • New pages that clearly display data and voice usage
  • Clear communication of charges and changes to products and services
  • If you’re an online bill customer, our easy-to-read graphs will show you how much data and talk you’re using in your plan.

Yes, you read that right. You can now access your online bill via the My Account app! Download the My Account app at so you can pay your bills, manage your account and much more on the go.


Go take a look and let us know what you think!


- FidoStephen


* Note: If you haven’t seen the new design yet, don’t worry, we are phasing in the new bill so that we can address any feedback or questions you may have. You will receive it in the coming months.

I'm a Contributor Level 1 Fido_Don
I'm a Contributor Level 1

My new 'enhanced' design statement/bill lacks the former usage detail I came to rely on for my Fido Home Phone accounts (a list of calls made / received, time/dates, duration).  I greatly miss being able to refer to a record of my Fido Home Phone calls made / received. 


I've put in a request (described by the Fido chat representative as 'having detailed tracking applied'), which I'm hopeful will restore the earlier feature and I've also requested my current statement be revised to include this as I was relying on Fido for this information and not keeping my own records of calls made/received.

Former Moderator FidoSamantha
Former Moderator

Thank you for your feedback Fido_Don Smiley 


The details of your invoice should still be available though.  I'll send you a PM soon so we can check it out with you Smiley 

I'm Back samsungs6
I'm Back

the new system was terrible......NO summary of detailed invoice for every dollars went through.

as a customer most want a detailed invoice of each dollars charge not a total of amount to be pay...

new system supposed to be better however it get worst.....referring to online when log in.

frustrated customer


Hey @samsungs6 ,


This doesn't sound right, you should have access to the detailed invoice as it is something that we offer.


Do you log in with your phone number or email? You might not have full access on which is why you're not able to view the bill details. 


Let me know and we'll take it from there.

I'm a Visitor Kayenella
I'm a Visitor

Your billing and customer service is a big disappointment. Tried the chat and I waited for so long to get the reply and the next reply... Tried to talk to a customer service rep and ended up being more confused with the billing. I think even she herself does not know what she is talking about. 

Moderator (inactive) FidoAmanda
Moderator (inactive)

Hey Kayenella!


We're you able to get everything sorted out? 


Let us know!


Remember that you can check out the details of all charges on your bill by downloading the PDF version from My Account on Just click on Save/Print this Bill on the right side of the bill overview page.



I'm a Participant Level 1 NadiaSoloon
I'm a Participant Level 1



I am unable to see a detailed invoice when I log in with My Account.  This has been going on for a few months now.  Whenever I called the agent told me a different story - the site was being revamped blah blah .. oh really is this going to take till .. 2030 ?  I was urged to pay and reassured I would be able to see a full detailed bill " next month "  which hasn't happened yet.  


This is very frustrating.  I am planning to request a customer retention credit and urge everybody experiencing the same problem to do the same.   


Nadia Solomon


Hey @NadiaSoloon,


Sorry to learn you're having trouble viewing the details of your bills.


I'm sure we can sort things out together Smiley


Can you give me more details on what you see when you log in? The more details we have, the better we'll be able to assist.


Are you able to see the bill, just not the details? Or you simply don't see any of your invoices once you log in?


Let me know.



I'm Back imranji
I'm Back

How can I check my detailed monthly bill?

I'm Back imranji
I'm Back

I'm able to see the bill, just not the details, please help

I'm Back imranji
I'm Back

Looks like everyone is having the same issue here! What's up Fido? Can we have transparency in the billing system with a detailed invoice please...


Hey @imranji


It sounds like you may be looking at the bill summary in this case. Can you confirm if you've tried downloading the PDF file version of your invoice, to view the full details?


You can do this by logging into My Account and clicking on Billing & Payments.


Once you have the right month selected in the dropdown next to ``View Bill``, you should see an option that reads ``Save or Print your bill``. 


I hope this helps. Smiley 

I'm Back bibi8859
I'm Back

how can i upgrade my date

Former Moderator FidoMaria
Former Moderator

Hi @bibi8859 & welcome to the Community!


I'm not sure that I understand your question; can you please clarify?