Fido Roam is finally here!

Fido Roam is finally here!

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Hey Community!


Looking to enjoy a totally affordable way to stay connected while you travel? Look no further. Fido Roam is here!


Stay connected abroad. Don’t sweat the bill


One low daily charge every 24 hours, and only on days you use your device.

    • For only $7 a day in the U.S. and $12 a day internationally, in tons of destinations, Fido Roam allows you to use the data, talk time and texts from your Fido monthly plan while abroad.
    • The 24h period starts when you first use your phone that day.
    • Example: if you use your phone for the first time at 10am EST, usage is covered for 24h from that point on (so until 10am EST the next day).

Only pay for up to 15 days per billing cycle, per zone. If you want to keep roaming after that within the same billing cycle, it’s on us!


Convenient and easy to use


  • You automatically benefit from the Fido Roam rates if you have a Fido monthly postpaid plan.
  • All you have to do is switch on data roaming in your phone’s settings and start using your phone.
  • No need to plan or purchase ahead when visiting a Fido Roam eligible destination, you’re automatically covered.


Your Fido monthly plan follows you where you go


  • Use the data, talk and text that come with your monthly plan in any eligible destination
  • Fido Roam works the same way on a monthly plan with local or Canada-wide minutes: Calls and texts to local numbers, within the destination you’re in, and back to anywhere in Canada are included and will not be charged long-distance – airtime still applies. 
  • All calls and texts to other international destinations will be charged based on the plan and options in your account.
  • Your regular overage rates apply if you go over your plan’s data or minutes.
  • Spotify Premium follows you too! Continue listening to your favorite playlists and albums while away. You can even listen to your tracks offline! Find out how.


Stay connected in tons of destinations around the world


Seamlessly travel within the same Fido Roam zone or between zones (U.S. and International) in 125+ destinations.

    • If you travel from place to place, but stay within the same Fido Roam zone within the same 24-hour period the daily rate will only be charged once.

For more info, including a list of eligible destinations, visit


Pack those sandals and sun screen (or tuque, depending on where you’re going) and let’s go see the world!




***LAST UPDATED MAY 2, 2018***

I'm a Participant Level 1 bigscotty
I'm a Participant Level 1

I think it is bogus that this is only offered to FIDO Pulse Plans. I have been a long time loyal customer with a grandfathered plan and I can't take advantage of this offer. That is a very shabby way to treat loyal customers in my view. 

Former Moderator FidoMegan
Former Moderator

Hey @bigscotty


Fido Pulse plans offer cetain advantages such as Fido Roam and Spotify Premium. Grandfathered plans have other perks. If ever you want to go over Pulse plan options, let us know! Smiley 



I'm Qualified Level 1
I'm Qualified Level 1

Glad to see Fido offering an affordable roaming plan to us. I have always had a US pay as you go plan, but, this is definitely a viable option. Kudos

I'm a Visitor mk9
I'm a Visitor

 Its another scam by Fido...constantly trying to coerce of good older plans to far less data new ones....I travel to Europe frequently....I either give up my decent 6gig plan...or continue to get rooked on  European usage...and please...and don't spout **bleep** about pulse...the only dif is you get six months of spotify...there are far better free services out there

Fido Employee VINCE_99
Fido Employee

I can definitelyunderstand the different perpsectives here !


I think it's pretty cool though that FidoRoam has been launched since I had so many customers asking about a option similar to this. It's great to see that Fido is listening to customer's concerns. But I am not really objective - I work here ! Smiley


Have fun today !



Moderator (inactive) FidoTerry
Moderator (inactive)

Sorry you feel this way @mk9. We listened to our customers and wanted to offer a different option so they can use their phone while roaming.  You can always get a travel pack or use the roaming as pay-per-use if you don't have a Pulse plan. Smiley

I'm a Visitor ghis1
I'm a Visitor

I contacted Fido and was told my plans were eligible. went to the states and was hit with an $89 bill for four days.

The person I originally spoke with  did not know what they were talking about. Fido was helpful and adjusted the bill to $5 a day. The Pulse plan would cost me almost double my existing plans.

not impressed

I'm Back 6476adera
I'm Back

It is naive to think that 'customer service' is actually an active policy in almost all large companies that operate in a monopoly bubble. Mobile phone service providers are not poor companies but they act like they need every dollar they can ring out of every customer just to survive. They buy up the completion as often as our weak govt allow them to and oh! baseball teams don't come cheap either! They hire people to try and placate the customer, with little understanding or regard for the problem or the cost. I have been with fido for longer than the age of some of the people I have dealt with. Why stay?, you may ask. It's because all the different companies only strive to be adequate and equal to each other. Sadly, that is at the very low end of the customer service ladder where problems are dismissed with 'friendly jargon' and value is only expressed in company profits. 

I guess I won't be buying a travel pack...again!

Moderator (inactive) FidoFaiza
Moderator (inactive)

Hi @6476adera,


Is there anything we can help you with? 

I'm Back Hughdonald
I'm Back

Travel pack

Former Moderator FidoMaria
Former Moderator

Hi @Hughdonal & welcome to the Community! Smiley


Can I help you with anything?

I'm a Visitor bobg
I'm a Visitor

Just got my new google xl thanks to the hard work of the people at the Burlington Mall location and good customer service by the fido social media team.  Unfortunately there is something I really dislike about the roaming service if your one of the many customers with mid month billing.  I travel to the US twice per year and stay a month.  Rather than 40 per month for a travel pack I will now have to pay 50 per half month.  This on top of losing fido dollars makes this part of fido quite expensive.  I have been told its impossible but I am about to embark on an arduous journey in trying to get my billing date changed.  Just call me Don Quixote and wish me luck   

Former Moderator FidoMaria
Former Moderator

Hi @bobg & welcome to the Community!


We hear you. We appreciate your feedback about Fido Roam and I will make sure to forward it to the people in charge. If you have any questions for us meantime, don't hesitate to reach out. Smiley

I'm Back jo83
I'm Back


I wanted to share this scary experience that I had while turning on my roam in the US for 1.25 days.

As we can all see that Fido heavily advertise their US roam features, for example, sign up and for $5 a day you can have access to your own data plan etc. or some other specials i don't know.


I was in hawaii for seven days, I did not sign up for any fido roam plans as I brought my own Roam Wifi Device with me, unfortunately, on the last two days of my trip, my Roam Mobile wifi device malfunctioned, so I turned on the roam function on my iPhone.  I thought to myself, since there is so much roam promotion going on with Fido, how bad could it be if I roam for a while.  I know it will be expensive, so it was minimal usage.


Shockingly, my 1.25 days of usage of Fido US roam sent me a phone bill of $1000.  Again, 1.25 days USE FOR $1000.  Customer rep gave me $20 off as courtesy!!!!  I am at least 7 years loyal customer with FIDO, and they are not helping me to lower my bill.  I do not expect my bill to be $1000.  Plus, I also just upgrade my iphone 6 plus to iphone 7 plus on 12/29/2016, so I am such a loyal customer, but they refuse to help me lower my bill.  So sad, so disappointed.



Former Moderator FidoCatherine
Former Moderator

Hi there @jo83


Thanks for taking the time to reach out about this!


I definitely understand your concerns about your billing situation - that's definitely a high charge, for 1.25 day of usage... 


Not that it's impossible! But it is out of the ordinary, especially considering the Travel Packs/Fido Roam options we offer, to cover your usage while roaming. 


To start with, I'd just like to ask you a couple of questions to try & figure this out together Smiley 


By downloading your bill via PDF, were you able to see what the charges were related too? (Calling? SMS? Data Usage?)


To view or print your detailed online bill:

- Log into MyAccout

- Click on "Billing & Payments"

- Select the month you'd like to see in the drop-down list

- Scroll down & click on "Save this bill (PDF)"


Also, once you left Canada and your phone connected to a Roaming Tower (network from any International provider) did you receive any sort of SMS?


Let me know what messages you received on your phone during your trip Smiley Thanks again for reaching out about this!








I'm a Visitor Tm1234
I'm a Visitor

I have been a Fido customer since 2005... loyalty means nothing.  


For the past few months I have used Fido roam.   I don't know why I am paying for a service that doesn't work.  I have internet at my house so I am not using data.  When I called in to speak to a Fido representative to explain my concerns that all calls are not coming through when I am in Mexico and that I am not always able to make calls out, they told me that they are not responsible for that,. They also told me that Fido does not guarantee service inside a building after I told them that I am not able to receive telephone calls inside my house in Canada. I got my boyfriend to switch over from Telus to Fido, he called Fido and they said yes they provide service in our neighborhood, however once the switch was done he nor I were able to use the telephone inside the home. I am paying $246 a month for my phone ... am I nuts?

fido pulse $80

iphone value pkg $5

Fido roam $100


plus my sons phone $39- he has autism and needs it for safety reasons only.  



fido bill $246 a month


When I Call Fido I have been treated like oh well, we don't guarantee anything so it's user beware.  



Former Moderator FidoManuel
Former Moderator

Hi @Tm1234!


Welcome to the Community! 

We value all of our customers! I'll help you with your situation as I can totally understand how it's frustrating not to be able to use our services while at home. 

Keep in mind that many things can affect the availability and quality of your service, including network capacity, your device, terrain, buildings, foliage and weather. 

Do you live in a basement? Have you ever had any signal inside your home? 

Did you try to disable LTE while at home to see if that works better for you?

I'm a Visitor Tm1234
I'm a Visitor

No I live in a house, top floor is where I use my phone.  


Yes i have used it inside however the other party can't hear my words clearly or they hear every third word or so.  


When i I try to call out it won't even call the number. When people try to get ahold of me, sometimes the calls come throughout he amd the phone will

axtually ring sometimes, but then they can't hear me.   The same issue with my boyfriends phone 

Former Moderator FidoManuel
Former Moderator

Thanks for the details! Did you try to disable the LTE network to see if you get a better reception?




I'm Qualified Level 1
I'm Qualified Level 1

I am so surprised with the comments above about roaming.  I was in San Diego and my roaming charge was $5 per day, as advertised. I usually use a local Tmobile Sim card when in the US, but, I let my friend use it as she didn't have a reasonable roaming package with her carrier. For those not on a pulse plan, the best option is a local Sim card that you can load up on Prepaid plan for the time you are there. I have saved hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars by using a local Sim and just call my vm for messages. Hope this will help someone with roaming options