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All Teedo's Badges

Teedo has earned 15 badges!
  • You've Registered!
    You've Registered!
    July 2020
    Earned by 462,262
    Welcome to the Fido Community. You've successfully registered! We look forward to seeing you around.
  • Pleased to meet you
    Pleased to meet you
    July 2020
    Earned by 125
    Thanks for sharing a little something about yourself!
  • Show and tell
    Show and tell
    July 2020
    Earned by 966
    Thanks for uploading 2 images to the Community! Did you use one as your profile pic?
  • Seeing is believing
    Seeing is believing
    July 2020
    Earned by 46
    Awesome! You have uploaded 10 images - you must be visual! Thanks for your contributions.
  • First like received
    First like received
    July 2020
    Earned by 9,610
    Congrats on receiving your first like in the Fido Community. Here's to many more!
  • Likeable
    July 2020
    Earned by 1,359
    Well done! You've received 5 likes; you must be likeable!
  • Popular opinion
    Popular opinion
    July 2020
    Earned by 329
    Your input is appreciated. Congrats on getting your 10th like!
  • First reply
    First reply
    July 2020
    Earned by 22,354
    Way to go! You just posted your first reply in the Community. Keep it up!
  • First like given
    First like given
    July 2020
    Earned by 9,114
    Awesome! You've given your first like in the Community. Keep em comin'!
  • Appreciator
    July 2020
    Earned by 617
    You've given 5 likes! Thanks for showing other members that you appreciate their content.
  • Admirer
    July 2020
    Earned by 240
    You've given 10 likes - awesome! Looks like you know what you like.
  • First topic
    First topic
    July 2020
    Earned by 24,474
    Congratulations! You've started your first convo in the Fido Community. Good job!
  • First solution
    First solution
    July 2020
    Earned by 975
    Congrats! Your contribution was accepted as a solution! Your very first Solution… how does it feel?
  • 10 Sign Ins
    10 Sign Ins
    July 2020
    Earned by 12,576
    If we had a welcome mat, you would have seen it 10 times now!
  • 25 Sign Ins
    25 Sign Ins
    July 2020
    Earned by 1,709
    Knock knock, who's there? You are!