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saving contacts to computer

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have a Samsung Galaxy Q and my screen is not working and I would like to save my contacts before taking it to the shop and losing everything.  The phone is connected to my computer and on as a USB device.  How can I access and save contacts without using "buttons" on the screen?



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I'm experienced level 3
I'm experienced level 3

Do you regularly sync the contacts with your Google account already? If so, you shouldn't need to worry as when you use the same Google account, the contacts will automatically be synced back to the phone.


Or is it all on the phone itself (no sync)? In which case, it might be a little hard to backup if the screen is not functional at all.


Is the toucscreen at least partially working (ie. can you still access some settings/features)? These solutions need the touchscreen to be working or some way of being able to navigate on the screen.


1) My Backup Pro is the best backup program you can get for a non-rooted/stock phone. It can backup/restore data.

2) My Phone Explorer - need USB debugging to be checked under developer options in phone settings.


My Phone Explorer can retrieve your contacts, calendar, call log, SMS and be able to view them on the computer. You can connect via WiFi, bluetooth or USB. This is a solution more suited for people who don't want/trust cloud syncing and want local sync of data from the good old PalmOS, PocketPC/Windows Mobile days.