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iPhone 5 not available, yet 3 types listed to buy on website??

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Long story short, I tried to upgrade my phones this past weekend as I had called twice before within the last month to begin to review my options. I needed to pay a cancellation fee which I had no issue with on one of my lines however once I was transferred and the agent reviewed my account I was told that I could get my phones for "x" amount of $$ plus tax - ok. I will respect Fido and not share the exact details at this time as I understand every account is different and cost may vary for this reason but after driving to another city to pick up the phones, they would not honor my quote and said the rep made a mistake and quoted me wrong. I stood at the mall for over an hour trying to get this sorted out but Fido no longer cared. I was so humiliated and upset that I was basically in so many words being called a liar so I asked to cancel both lines, only to hear "sure, no problem", followed by the cancellation fee will cost me $200 for the remaining 5 months for one phone and the other ends in Jan so that's no issue. The funny thing is the call to them earlier in the day plus the other 2 calls proved I called before nd was told if I cancelled the second line when I got a new phone for the line ending in Jan was told it would be $100 as the remaining cost of the phone based on the original full price term plus the $12.50 to disconnect was under $100 therefore I would have to pay the min? So after 3 separate calls on 3 different days said $100, now it's $200? What's up with these price differences and why are we not recording these calls to ensure quality. So disappointed that I've shown loyalty since day one, which you have norecord of because it means something to you to be in business since 1996, but you have no interested in respecting the customers who started your journey together and have preached Fidosinceday one, but you treat me like I'm some new customer - Unreal! What happened to Fido?



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Former Moderator
Former Moderator

I'm really sorry to hear about this,


Could you PM your ID info please? I would then verify if anything can be done,