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Visual Voicemail on Blackberry

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I had Visual Voicemail on my Blackberry. It stopped all of the sudden.


I have been on the phone four times with Fido and went into a Fido store as well with no success.


When I try to download the application, it says it is temporarily unavailable. It has said that four four weeks plus now.


Help !



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Former Moderator
Former Moderator
Hey digger16172!

Is your WiFi off? You would not be able to download the application with WiFi on.

Also, have you processed any changes to your account recently? It's possible that something went wrong with the change.

If the issue persists with WiFi off, I would suggest that you contact us again and request to have the following done while your battery is out of your phone:

- Remove the voicemail feature completely and save the changes.
- Reset the profile within the network (resend to switch).
- Add the voicemail feature back on the account and save.
- Reset the profile within the network (resend to switch).

This should help if the issue is with our system. If this does not work, I would suggest that you verify:

- That the data works properly. If you do not have a Blackberry data option or if your internet services are not working as they should, it would prevent you from using the Visual Voicemail.
- That there are no issues with Blackberry. If there are ongoing updates with Blackberry App World, it is possible that this is what is causing you to have an issue.

Please let us know!