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Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Day Pricing and "Final Sale"

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

On Friday April 10th, went to buy Samsung Galaxy S6 in store. Luckily they had the S6 32gb white in stock. I asked for the purchasing options, they told me only full price or max plan are available. Since I did not want to pay $35 more each month, I grudgingly said I will buy the phone out right. They charged me $800 plus tax. The following weekend, Fido released buying options with the smart plans. So I figured I should check if I can still do that and pay $450+$25 plus tax. Then I noticed something odd, the full price of the phone is $750, plus $25 administration fee should be $775, why did they charge me $800? So I look my receipt and realized that it was stamped with "FINAL SALE". It is a WTF moment. As I was mesmorized with my new phone in store, they stamped it on my receipt without my knowledge, and here I thought I can take advantage of the Fido 15 day satisfaction guarentee and change my purchase method.


Is this something Fido store can do? Void your 15 day satisfaction guarentee and charge you $25 over the Fido advertised price? BTW, I called customer care, they said there is no reason that they should charge me $800 instead of $775, so now I am a bit upset, I feel scammed...


Edit: deleted my rambling about the sad story of how I broke my old phone, who cares...



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Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hello JackEastSide,


sorry to hear about your experience. What location did you purshase the phone to? If you got it from a Fido retailer, it is possible that they have their own pricing. They can also have different policies when the phone is bought outright instead of through a contract renewal. 


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

It is a definitely Fido store, it can be found with the store locator:


17 Worthington Avenue
Unit #D6-3
L7A 2Y7

Hey JackEastside

If you purshased accessories, it can explain why your invoice was stamped as Final sale since most accessories are not refundable. 


I have sent you a private message so we can look into it.