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Samsung Galaxy S4 "SIM card removed" issue

I'm helpful level 2
I'm helpful level 2

For the last couple weeks or so my s4 randomly gives me this problem "Sim card removed - Unable to detect your SIM card. Your device will restart to check for SIM card."

While this occurs I have no wireless signal making my phone unable to call, text , email or use the internet. 


I have tried the following "fixes" regarding this problem:


-Cleared cache from system recovery

-Reformatted phone to factory setting

-Replaced the SIM card with a new one

-Did a "diy" fix where phone had to be opened up and something was placed against the SIM card ribbon cable in order to apply pressure to it. This "fix" was supposed to work by applying pressure to a potentially bad solder joint. Information on this "fix" can be found here

The only reason I went ahead with this one is because my phone is well out of its warranty. Since this "fix" didn't work I reopened up my phone and removed the tiny piece of sponge that didn't do anything. Now my phone is back to its original state yet this problem is still happening. 


This is a rogers s4 that I bought new from someone about 5 years ago.


Any help is appreciated    


I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

It might be cheaper just to get a new phone. The problem with these random error message is that it could be anything. 


If you are keen on saving the phone, you can try the following:  Before you start, back up everything on your phone.


Take apart your phone apart and look at every single solder joint under the magnifying glass.  Look for weak or damaged solder joints and repair the joint with a soldering iron.


You can also use a conductivity meter (Ohm meter) and measure the continunity between the contacts on the SIM card reader to the ribbon cable and to the circuit board. You will need to check every pin.



I'm helpful level 2
I'm helpful level 2

Thanks for the suggestions EFTC


As of now i'm just going to continue using the phone in hopes that it stops with the error messages.


It has been good all day so far.


Hello @cliff,


Sounds like you have hardware issues that would need to be fixed. As the article stated also, a motherboard replacement might be need. You can always take it to any local cellphone repair shop and let them have a look at it for you.

I'm helpful level 2
I'm helpful level 2

While it is not ruled out 100% to be a hardware problem it seems like it very well could be. 


After googling this is a known issue with Samsung phones.


Thanks for the suggestion