Paying for a broken phone

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Paying for a broken phone

I have been a customer with Fido for over 10 years and I have recently just signed up for another 2 year agreement in January 2017 and received a Google Pixel. In June I started experiencing problems with the phone, specifically the call feature didn't work. Half the time it would drop calls, I couldn't hear the person or they couldn't hear me. I discussed it with a Fido retailer, they rebooted the phone, changed the sim card and reset to switch. They then finally sent it out for repair where upon its return they informed me that the repair center found nothing wrong with the phone and ruled it out as a network problem. The next day I tried to use it and now the call feature does not work at all and has not since. I called Fido right away from my office, since I do not have a landline and told them the problem. They told me they would email the repair center and get back to be. It has now been over a week and I have not heard back from anyone regarding this issue. I have called the retail store 4 times and talked to different employees and had to re-explain the situation because they did not know anything about my complaint. Finally an employee said I can call Google and see what they think. I called Google, right away they told me something was probably wrong with the speaker and they could replace my phone, no charge but I should contact Fido before hand since I got it from them. I called Fido once again and told them what Google suggested and they said I should just send it to Google then. I shouldn't have to go through Google, I am buying this phone through Fido. Fido should be taking care of it. I called the help center to complain and told them how frustrated I was with the service I was getting and how I am now thinking of cancelling my contract and they young man said he understood if I wanted to leave and that Fido would not replace the phone until it goes out for repair 3 times! That's absolutely ludicrous! The young man was completely not interested in the fact that I was frustrated and wanted to leave the contact. He actually told me that Google probably wouldn't even give me a new phone and just repair it. I am paying for two phones under my contract and as soon as it is over I will most definitely be leaving and not suggest that anyone deal with this company.

I don't understand why I have been paying for a phone that hasn't been working properly for over 4 months.

I thought I would post on here, since I have gotten absolutly no service from a retailer or the help line. 


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Re: Paying for a broken phone

Send the phone directly to Google and have their technicians look at it.  The chance of them fixing the phone might be higher than having Fido techs look at.


Question though... DId you test the phone at the store after the Fido sales rep reboot the phone, change the sim card, and reset the phone? The reason I ask is that those are the acitons I would do to confirm the phone is in working order before I leave.



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