Motorola RAZR V3 settings / support...

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I'm a Contributor Level 2

Motorola RAZR V3 settings / support...

OK, so I don`t need a Delorian to go back in time... the Motorola V3 will do the trick.

However, there seems to be a trick to it...


Upon inserting the Fido SIM card and powering the device ON, I can make phone calls and send/receive texts...but no MMS. And no WAP. Now, it`s been some time (about 9 years) when I last used a flip phone, but from what I remember, once the SIM is in it and connected to the network, isn`t the network suppose to automatically configure the phone settings? And if it doesn`t, am I suppose to call Cust. Serv for info on the set up? Which makes me think that there are some settings that need to be entered manually.


I did some research on line but basically, back in the day when this flip phones where in their glory, every network seems to have a different configuration to set up the MMS and the connection to WAP, which is understandable. Unfortunately, I couldn`t find any instructions setting up MMS and WAP for Fido network.


I know Fido supports Internet access on flip phones (old and new) as I know people with flip phones on Fido network, using the phoone`s minibrowser.


So my question is: to set up MMS and WAP connection, is it better to actualy go to a Fido store or should I call Technical Support and they can guide me through?




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Re: Motorola RAZR V3 settings / support...

@LesDrive wrote:



As far as the MMS goes... opened "Send MMS" and attached a pic then selected recepient. Clicked send then the "Sending status bar" shows up for a about 2 sec then I get a mesage saying "Unable to send. Resend now? Yes / No".  Again, not sure how can I verify if the settings are correct or maybe I just have a crapy indoor signal.... Although, SMS goes thru while indoor, I had problems before trying to send pics msgs - which leads me to belive that for MMS there may be a minimal signal streght requirement. 


Any thoughts?

Hello again,


  Yes, it's possible the MMS might be unable to send correctly even though SMS might go through, if the signal strength is not adequate. The phone is strictly 2G or GSM. Additionally, I believe the phone is also pre-EDGE. Sending and/or receiving data via GPRS is going to be rather slow. Inadequate signal may prevent data transfer.


  I remember one of my previous phones only had one of the compatible bands/frequencies for '3G' (had both for 2G). I could use the phone for calls and SMS with no issues. However, when it came to downloading the data portion of a MMS, I had to drive across town before I had adequate signal for it to download Confused  And, that was with '3G'.


  I'm not saying it won't work on GPRS; you just might have to find a location with adequate signal. You can get an idea of where your surrounding cellular towers are, as well as their bands/frequencies here. You might consider trying to send a smaller picture to see if size restriction helps.


  You might also consider leaving the DNS servers blank as in the third post here, by PVO300C. I understand the thread refers to a different version of the phone, however, it wouldn't hurt to try those settings. I also understand that post as well as the subsequent post note different ports to the one shown in the screen capture above. I would first use the settings in the screen capture -- leaving everything else blank -- since it is more recent information. However, it may be that you might have to systematically try the different ports.


Hope this helps Smiley



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