Mobile Data problem

I'm a Contributor Level 1 Marc2222
I'm a Contributor Level 1

Mobile Data problem

Hi, I have a BYOD plan with mobile data.


The phone I was using is a Galaxy S7 Edge, which I dropped and broke the screen. I had no issue what so ever with the phone regarding network connection.


I bought a used phone

LG V30 from a thrusted source. Switch the Sim card to the new phone...

Call and text msg are working find, wifi as well, however I can't get the Mobile data to work. 

I look on the web, and tried several things, reset, factory reset, different APN setting, switching ON/OFF function... Still nothing.


Anyone has an idea of how to fix this issue?


Thank you


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Re: Mobile Data problem

Hey @Marc2222,


You can find the correct APN Settings on our Community here.


Quick question, did you make sure there are no other APNs set up along with the Fido one? If you have another APN on there, you'd need to delete it first.





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