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Misinformation about refurbished phones

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi. Yesterday my Iphone 12 Pro Max bought refurbished this June (2022) decided to let go. Suddenly the screen is black and there are no signs of life. Tried everything there was to try, change of cables, plug to the wall, to my macbook pro, DFU mode, Force restart and so on. Then, I decided to get in touch with customer service...OMG! Each time I got in touch with a new agent, I had to repeat myself over and over again to explain the issue. Finally I got in touch with someone that told me that the phone's warranty had expired (Apple) but that they were going to honour the 6 months warranty supposedly given to all the Refurbished Iphones. An agent even opened a ticket for me, saying that it was enough to go to an Apple Store, give this reference number, and that they (Apple) was going to take care of the rest. As I don't have an Apple Store close from home, I decided to call them first (Apple) to check if this was indeed the right thing to do...they don't know s**t about this request, my phone or I call back Fido to ask them what was going on, and a robot from Moncton (sorry robots) kept repeating like a broken record that Fido has nothing to do with Apple, they have their own warranty system and that when you buy an Iphone Fido can't do anything about warranty issues...On FIDO'S site it says, black over white, that a 6 months warranty is given on any refurbished phone they sell...not a word about Apple's policy or nothing...

Now I'm stuck with a dead Iphone, nobody at FIDO knows what's what...

Somebody had this isuue also? This is really an abuse and a lie from them!

Shame on you FIDO!!!



Hey @pablo0806751,

We're sorry to hear about your experience. We understand how this isn't ideal, we value being 100% transparent to our customers.


Concerning your device's warranty, since it's an Apple device, you do have a 6-month warranty with Apple. If you've had the device for over 6 months, unfortunately you wouldn't be covered by the manufacturer. You can find this information here at the FAQs section.


If you'd like to speak with a customer representative concerning this, feel free to reach out to us here.