LG G5 GPS Problem

LG G5 GPS Problem

LG G5 GPS Problem

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LG G5 GPS Problem

I'm just creating the topic so more people are aware of this. 

I bought a LG G5 last boxing day, and the GPS is not working. They requested me to go to a Fido store to get it repaired. 

I wish they would let us change the phone in the plan, instead of having to try multiple devices trying to get lucky. 



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I had a GPS problem. Sent in phone for repair. When I got my phone back I tested google maps. On my way home I had the exact same problem no gps signal and gps signal lost every minute or so. I went back immediately to fido store and they would not take the phone back. They told me to contact LG support directly. LG is telling me to send it back to the store for replacement. Not happy with at all. Still having GPS problems and my phone is under warranty.




If you're still within your manufacturer warranty, we'll need to send the phone for repair. If the phone has a manufacturer defect that can't be fixed, from the point LG would replace the device. 


Hope that helps! 


Hi @a_mori78 & welcome to the Community!


I'm sad to see that you're still having issues with your phone after having it sent for repair. Sad Did the store give you a reason why they wouldn't take back the phone to send it off again?

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The guy told me he suggests I contact lg direct to get a replacement phone since mine already went out for repair and hasn't been fixed. I contacted lg and they told me to take it back to a fido store. Very frustrating.

Hello @colorado welcome to the community!


What do you mean by change the phone? Do you mean change from a G5 to a totally different phone? Fido do have a 15 days satisfaction guarantee that allows you to change the phone if you do not like it. Since you have the phone since boxing day then the only option is to send it for repairs under the manufacture warranty. 

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It's just that what seems that what is going to happen to me is that I will get my g5 repaired or a new one, and if I'm lucky it will not break or will break a long before the warranty expires. It seems like a lot of people are having a lot of issues with the g5, and some people reported being in their 5th or 6th g5, which is not a good solution.

If I was in that situation, and I might be in a couple of months, I'd rather be able to change to another model without having to pay the remaining balance on the phone or buying a new one full price, paying a pro rated monthly payment, considering everyhting that's being paid and remaining balance on the phone.

I will go to a Fido store and try to get it repaired, and it might not happen to me at all, but I wanted to create another thread about it so the "we don't know about customers having problems with the g5" excuse becomes less valid (like this: http://forums.fido.ca/t5/forums/forumtopicpage/board-id/NonTechnical/message-id/27041 or this: http://forums.fido.ca/t5/forums/forumtopicpage/board-id/NonTechnical/message-id/27041).

By the way, I really like the phone and wouldnt want another one, but without a GPS it's not very useful to me, having to get a new one and/or getting it repaired all the time it's very inconvenient and I don't love the battery life too. 

Hey @colorado!


Did @KAPABLE-K's suggestion help?

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No it didnt, it was already enabled. 

It's probably this very common problem where the gps antenna doesn't work anymore. I will take it to a Fido store this week. 

Hello @colorado,


Since its still under warranty it would be best to send it in for repair.

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I went to a Fido store and they told me that, I should send it for repair, it will take aproximately 2 weeks and I must pay a deposit to have a backup phone for the period. I just didnt send yet because it must be withdrawn from the same store and that one was way too far from my house. 


Hi @colorado!


Can you clarify what you mean by ''it must be withdrawn from the same store''? You're not required to go back to the same store where the phone was purchased to send it out for repair.


Let me know if you have any questions. Smiley

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Withdraw maybe was not the right word. What I meant is that if i drop it at a store for them to send them for repair, I must pick it up from the same store. I was in a store thats very far from my home, so I didn't send it yet. 

I hear you @colorado !


Feel free to check our Store Locator HERE to find the stores closest to your home, by putting in your Postal Code in the search bar. Keep us posted. 

@colorado I totally understand what you are saying I know alot of people are having GPS issues with the G5 but Fido can not do anything about it other than sending it in for repairs if you are not within the 15 days satisfaction period. 


You can set your GPS on High accuracy mode and see if it helps, you can find a walk through here.

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The best fix I've found with mine is unplug charging cord, bang bottom of phone off the dashboard of my truck and replug charging cord. Magically starts working
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Sorry just want to add mine is in an otterbox has been before I left the store. I sent for warranty and came back with a gouge in bottom module. Worked for about 2 weeks and went back to same **bleep** phone it really is. DO NOT BUY.