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Has Fido a wrong MNC of 370?

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I posted my problem earlier as a reply, asking why a non "Fido supported", generic smartphone will display roaming and work only in slow 2G mode. Paolo kindly pointed me to the answer in The MNC of 370 on my Fido SIM card differing from that received from Rogers signals explains the conservative roaming and 2G reaction of the phone. The essential question is, if changing to Rogers MNC of 720 (who according to the reference owns all Canadian networks and their signals) on the SIM card would help a generic smartphone to operate properly and if so - would Fido be willing to do that for their customers or do I have to change to Rogers? Did anyone in this forum succeed in solving this apparent problem?


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The way the Fido network is now, is perfectly fine for 2G as well as 3G signals. Nothing has to be changed. Just note, non-fido handsets will identify that they are indeed roaming on a different network but your Data still connects to the proper servers and as such, your smart phone will still work the same, all that will change is the triangle or indicator informing you of roaming.

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