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Extra storage find

I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

Hi community 

In the light of my recent upgraded to Pixel 2 64Gb my previous device currently accommodate for nearly 100Gb so I have been looking into divers possibilities for storage exponential aside cloud.Of course I will be using Google unlimited storage till 2021 but ...aside pictures not limited to outside cloud there are tons of other types of files.


There are many options first Pixel 2 

Firstly out the box you can use the wire included to sync or transfer files to your computer. Still Im interested  in OTG  compatibles usb-c 3.1 gen 1 so I journey on USB dev board and Bluetooth 5.0 commodity so far

  my current finds are


Best cable usb-if 

Belkin 3-Foot 3.1 USB Type C (USB-C) to USB Type C Cable, USB-C Certified.


Best usb flash msd reader

Adata USB-C (USB-A 3.1) OTG


Best USB OTG drive


 Edge Memory C3 Duo USB 3.1 Tyoe-C Flash


Wireless solutions

PI ∆ HomeCloud Via owncloud Dietpi 

readmore Here


Did you find other interesting gear ? or other solutions ? share in the conversation.



I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

Thank you kind Kenny!


Many more possibilities due to usb-c superspeed, bluetooth 5.0, treble etc. Smiley


Have a great Friday!



@Scooby-Doo Thanks! You too. Smiley


Hey @Scooby-Doo.


Thanks for sharing this Smiley

@Community: anyone can help our friend here for extra storage?