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BlackBerry Pearl - cannot turn Bluetooth option ON!

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Tried everything - batter pulled out, turned of and ON - just when I tick in Bluetooth option, it disappers  in a second. Please help! Thank you




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Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hello Ola_la,


Welcome to the Fido technical community,


If you have reset the blackberry by removing the battery and the issue is still not resolved I suggest to follow the below instructions.


These instructions are PC ONLY


Reloading the software on a blackberry fixes many issues ranging from battery issues, black/white screen, freezing, disfunctional keypad/trackball and more.


 Please note that if you are getting JVM Error 501 , JVM Error 517, JVM Error 535, JVM Error 547, JVM Error 548 on your BlackBerry screen then this instruction will not resolve the problem.
Please contact FIdo
customer service at 1-888-481-FIDO(3436) for repair or replacement options should your BlackBerry smartphone still fall under the warranty coverage.


 Please keep in mind using the update function is NOT the same as reloading the software as the corrupted software will remain.


This post describes the required 5 steps to reload the operating system on the BlackBerry.

Please ensure that your Blackberry device is not connected to the computer until prompted. If you have Blackberry Desktop Manager installed in your desktop computer then skip to Step 2.


Step 1: Installing the Blackberry Desktop Manager

1) Click here to download Blackberry Desktop Manager 6. When prompted, select Save and save it in your Desktop.
3) Double-click on the file you saved to start the installer.
4) Choose your language and click OK.
5) Click Next on the InstallShield Wizard.
6) Select country or region then click Next.
7) Accept terms and conditions then click Next.
😎 Click Next on the second window again.
9) Choose setup as type Typical and then click Next
10) Select your email system

a) If you are using the Blackberry Internet Service (most users) select Integrate with a personal email account and click Next.
b) If you are using the Blackberry Enterprise server select Integrate with a work email account; and click Next. (Please contact your IT department / BES support for any further information on your enterprise mail configuration)

11) Uncheck Start the desktop manager automatically each time the computer starts; and Check for software updates
12) Click on Installand wait for the installation to complete.

Step 2: Installing BlackBerry Handheld Code

1) Go to
2) Choose (brand = blackberry) and (model = your model)
3) Under downloads select the most current handheld code available (example :smileyhappy: 4.2.2 is greater than 4.2.1 for your BlackBerry model.
4) Click on the download link, it will prompt you to fill out a form. Once filled out  click Next

5)Agree to the terms and condition

6)Click on the download link Save and choose to download on your desktop.
7) Once the download is completed, double click on the saved file to run it.
😎 Select your language and click OK
9) Click Next on the welcome screen.
10) Select country or region.
11) Accept terms and conditions click Next
12) After installation click finish.
(Note: Desktop manager must be installed prior to the handheld code)


*** There are instances where the software corruptions are so severe the desktop manager cannot detect the device to perform a backup (ex: Black/white screen, JVM error), in these specific cases, try a battery pull, different USB slots, if still not detected by DM a backup will NOT be possible and all data on the device will be lost. There is currently no means of recovering said data, if this scenario applies to you please skip to Step 4 ***


Step 3: Backup the data from your BlackBerry

1) Run the Blackberry Desktop Manager on your desktop computer.
2) Connect the old Blackberry device until DEVICE CONNECTED PIN: shows a pin number in the bottom left. (If prompted to upgrade the handheld, please click cancel).
3) Click on Backup and Restore button.
4) Click on Backup button.
5) Choose Desktop on the left and click on Save to save the Backup ( Year-Month-Day.ipd) file.

Step 4: Reload the operating system on your BlackBerry

To perform a clean installation of the BlackBerry Device Software, perform the following steps:
1) Connect the BlackBerry Smartphone to the computer.
2) Open Loader.exe


Windows 32 bit:

"C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\Loader.exe"

Windows 64 bit:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\Loader.exe"

3) On the opening screen, Press next.
4) Your device PIN should appear, Hit next again

*** If for some reason your device PIN does not appear or it is freezing after hitting next, unplug your device, remove re-insert the battery, plug in your device again to a rear USB port (or a port nearest to the rear if laptop), run the Loader.exe again and try again. If it persists feel free to contact our Fido customer service 1888-481-FIDO so they can take a look***

5) You will see the device software listed for your device, the first two boxes should be checked and greyed out, this is normal (If you do not see those grey boxes you did not properly install the handheld software, perform step 2
6) Go through the list and select the applications you want to install then Hit Next, for the purposes of fixing software corruption try to limit your 3rd party apps

7) Select Do not automatically perform a backup. If a backup is possible, we already did one on step 3. If previously not possible, not selecting this option will simply attempt to perform a backup and crash the reload operation.
😎 Click Next

9) Hit the Advanced button, select the 2nd option “Erase all currently installed applications” (if these are greyed out this is fine, proceed), Hit Next

10) Select “Do not automatically back up and restore the device application data…”, Hit Next

11) Hit Finish

12) When the process has completed (30-60 minutes), the message The loading operation was successful will appear. Your device should work like new

IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: Utilize the Blackberry as is for the next 24 hrs and don't restore any information on the unit.
If a corruption resides on the saved data (backup file i.e. IPD file), the corrupted data will be brought back to the device during the restore process.
After the 24 hrs period has passed. Please proceed with Step 5

Step 5: Selectively restore information to your BlackBerry

A) To restore specific databases in the backup file to your BlackBerry Smartphone, complete the following steps:

1) Connect your BlackBerry Smartphone to your computer.
2) Open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
3) Click Backup and Restore.
4) Click Advanced.
5) On the File menu, click Open.
6) Double-click the backup (Year-Month-Day.ipd) file
7) In the Desktop File Databases section, select the database or databases to restore. Click the right arrow button. Note: If the right arrow button is unavailable, see the section C) below.
8). Click Yes.


I hope this helps,