Apple Watch LTE - any hope?

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Apple Watch LTE - any hope?

Is there any hope that Fido will add support soon for Apple Watch LTE? I came back to Fido a year ago but lack of support is making me think one of the main carriers would be better, and that doesn't have to mean Rogers. Fido has all of the technical pieces in place, so not supporting it is really just disrespecting Fido customers. Does Fido not want the extra revenue?


I expect I'll get the boilerplate response but it would be helpful if a staff member would go above and beyond and instead of giving the canned and meaningless response, provide a meaningful, useful answer. Even if that is something like "I've heard in a few weeks/months", "it will never happen, port to another carrier if you want it", "we've heard you and it is coming shortly". Anything other than the boilerplate.

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Re: Apple Watch LTE - any hope?

Hello again,


@JustWondering wrote:...Just like Rogers sells services for devices they don’t sell..

 Rogers does not offer MOBILE services for devices they do not sell.  **edit** To clarify, Fido/Rogers do provide cellular services for unlocked devices not sold by either Fido or Rogers. Rogers offers a Smartwatch plan because they also sell the Apple Watch**


@JustWondering wrote:  Just like Loblaws and no frills can both support Apple Pay, it would be daft for no frills to say they won’t support Apple Pay just to spite their customers...

 Not even relevant.


@JustWondering wrote:..And it’s only non-public until someone gets permission to make it public, hence asking for some to ask for permission. Simple.

 Yes. And when they get permission to make it public, it will be posted on Simple.









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