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411 Assistance number for seniors

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Do seniors ( 65 and over) have to pay for 411 Assistance ?  What number of calls can you make?  Can you do this in the US ?  If Wi-fi is used in the US, are there any charges?


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Senior MVP

Hello Jackgsamsung,


  Welcome to the community!


  Unfortunately, I don't think there are any discounts for seniors to call Directory Assistance (411). Some of the services, like 411, are provided by third parties. That is, they are not provided by Fido or Rogers. You can access those services using your Fido phone, but another company is charging you the fees for the service. It shows up on your bill because that is how they collect their fees. You can view the current rate charge for accessing the services here, under Assistance. As noted in that link, airtime and long-distance charges may also apply.


  You should note that using your services in the US to call Directory Assistance would likely be considered roaming and incur roaming charges.


@jackgsamsung wrote:... If Wi-fi is used in the US, are there any charges?

  Are you referring to using Wifi for accessing the internet or for Wifi-calling? If you only wish to use Wifi to access the internet, you might consider enabling Airplane or Flight mode on your phone prior to departure from Canada. You could then manually enable Wifi when required. If you don't use any of your Fido services, there would be no charges for accessing Wifi.


  With regards to using Wifi-calling, you should note that some usage abroad would also be considered roaming (see link above). If you are using Wifi-calling in the US and call 411, the call will likely connect to the local 411 operator. As such, I would expect the call to be considered roaming as well. That said, I'm not sure whether the call would incur the US fee for the service or the Canadian fee.


  If you did not wish to pay any fees for directory assistance (and you had access to the internet), there are internet-based options (ie or, etc). Once you have found the number, it would be advisable to manually enter and dial the number in your phone. It's possible that allowing your phone to dial the phone number link might incur a charge.


  Alternatively, there appears to be a way to obtain free 411 services (see here). Disclaimer: I have not actually used that service and therefore am unable to recommend its usage. Note that the number provided would likely only be available in the US. Calling the number from Canada might be considered long-distance. Additionally, calling the number would also likely incur roaming charges if dialled from the US.


Hope this helps 😀






Hi there @jackgsamsung , that's a few questions that you would need to contact Fido support to have answered. Depending on which plan you currently have, the answers would vary. Best option is to contact Fido support through one of the methods mentioned Here

hope you get your questions answered. Cheers and happy travels