Send and receive Private Messages (PMs)

Send and receive Private Messages (PMs)

Send and receive Private Messages (PMs)

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Send and receive Private Messages (PMs)

Hey gang! This should answer all your private messaging (PM) questions!


Private Messaging is a way to communicate with other Community members and the Community Crew in private. This is especially handy when you need to discuss your Fido account (plan, bill, etc.) with a Community Moderator. We also use PMs to inform Community members when they won a contest or a prize, or to invite them to our MVP program, for example.


How to access your PM page


Click on your user name at the top right corner and select the envelope icon.




Once you do that, you’re in your PM inbox (easy, eh?). On that same page, you can also access your sent items, view your friends list, and compose a new message.


How to send a PM


There are two ways to send a private message:


1. Click on the user name of the person you wish to message, and select Send me a private message in the Contact Me section to the right.



Contact Me.png


2. Or, you can access your PM page (as instructed above) and scroll over to New Message. Using this method means you’ll need to type in the person’s username.


New message.png


That’s that!


Remember though, this Community is transparent, so we try to keep it as public as possible. The purpose of this Community is to share our questions, comments, ideas and solutions with others.