Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities

Community Manager (Retired)

Roles and Responsibilities

Hey Community!


If you haven’t already noticed, there are a lot of different types of members on this Community. This page will help you better understand their different roles and responsibilities.


MVP  NBP_MVP-icon-rank-icon.png


MVPs (Most Valuable Posters) are active, helpful, and knowledgeable community members who help maintain a dynamic and interactive community (they are not Fido employees). They’re identified by rank and a star icon next to their user name. Check out the MVP Program for more info.  


Fido EmployeesEmployee.PNG


You’ll notice Fido employees helping out from time to time as well. We have participating employees from a variety of departments. They are not moderators, but they answer questions on the Community on their own time. 


Community Moderators   mod_v2.png

Moderators are specially trained Fido employees who keep an eye on the Community to make sure everything stays clean and cool. Their primary mandate is to ensure everyone respects the Terms of Use and Guidelines. However, they’re also there to help answer questions and assist Community members via private messages when necessary. They add tags and labels to help enrich the search results, and they ensure all the posts are in the right board. They’re identified by the abbreviation MOD next to their username, and the Moderator rank. Want to know more about our moderators? You can meet them here: Meet the Crew.


Community Specialists  NBP_FCF-logo_rank-icon.png


Community Specialists have a pretty vast set of responsibilities. They write all the instructional articles and blog on a weekly basis. They keep the OS schedule up to date, and they work in the back end of the Community. They’re also constantly working on enhancing the user experience and work closely with the moderators to ensure everyone is up to date and on the same page. They’re sort of the mechanics of the Community, if you will.  


Community Manager  NBP_FCF-logo_rank-icon.png


The Community Manager oversees all operations and ensures the entire Community Crew is well equipped to do their jobs. She works closely with stakeholders and internal teams to bring the best possible experience to our Community members.


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