Community MVP Program

Community MVP Program

Community MVP Program

Community Manager (Retired)

Community MVP Program

Hi Community! 


The MVP program (Most Valuable Posters) was implemented in order to recognize community members who go above and beyond the call of duty. By helping other Community members, they contribute to creating a supportive, positive, and pleasant environment.   


In a nutshell, an MVP is an active, helpful, and knowledgeable community member who helps maintain a dynamic and interactive community.


MVPs are identified by a special rank and icon next to their username, along with an exclusive customized signature.


This program is on an invite basis. MVPs will be reviewed every 3 months, however, can be removed at any time.


Perks of being an MVP:

  • A private board reserved for MVPs
  • Special privileges in the Community
  • Invitation to participate in community beta programs if/when available
  • Bragging rights (obviously) and more!


MVPs are selected based on the following:

  • Level of overall activity
  • Even in disagreement, they retain a positive attitude towards both Fido and the Community
  • Likes received and Accepted Solutions provided
  • Demonstrates willingness to help
  • Provides friendly assistance
  • Confident in their knowledge
  • Usefulness of content provided
  • Respect of the Community Guidelines


Meet our current MVP

How about you? Do you think you have what it takes to be a Community MVP? Show us what you got by ranking up! You can rank up by answering posts, receiving likes, and being active in the Community. There are no set targets for you to reach, just show us that you fit the bill, and we’ll reach out to you.


Are you the next MVP?