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"The number you have called is not assigned" error message received

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2


I have two numbers, one from Fido (A) and another from Lucky Mobile (B).

Whenever anyone calls me on 'B' from Roger network companies like Fido, Rogers, or Chatr, 60-70% of the times they get the error message "The number you have called is not defined". I tested the same from my phone A as well. I tried calling B from a Telus number several times and from many Bell lines but never received this error from these service providers. With the above experiment, it is clear that the issue is with Fido network (and Roger network companies). 


I tried to check the solution online, but none of the provided solutions, like phone restart, network reset or others, work. Hence, please help me with the same asap.




Hey Praveencanlife! Welcome to the community. Smiley


If someone is calling your Lucky Mobile number from the Rogers/Fido network and are getting the error message, Lucky Mobile needs to be addressed in this situation. 


Since this is not about your Fido number, we can't troubleshoot from your account directly.The error occurs when they are calling your Public Mobile number, that's why you need to contact them.


Please let the Community know about their answer!

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

Thank you for your reply!


As I mentioned earlier, the issue doesn't happen when I call my Lucky number with a Telus, Virgin number, Bell Network numbers. Only when I call with Rogers network numbers like Fido, Rogers Wireless and Chatr do I get this issue.


For this issue, before my post here, I called up Lucky people, they tested it at their end multiple times from Lucky network numbers and claimed that the issue doesn't reproduce. Hence, they recommended checking with a Fido customer agent. Post their claim, before my post here, I verified with my own experiment and the results are as stated above. In this situation, I believe Fido should also investigate as Fido connection is my primary number and Lucky connection is my secondary number.


In case you need both my numbers for checking, please let me know.

Hey @Praveencanlife


This is a particular situation that we will be happy to verify with you.


To better understand what's going on, I have other questions, I hope that's OK. Smiley

I do see that you mentioned testing this from your Phone A to Phone B as well. Since your phone A is from the Fido network, were you able to confirm that the calls could only connect 60-70% of the time to your Lucky Mobile number?


Also, this happens indoor and outdoor as well?


Can you try this with WI-FI ON and OFF to see if you get the same result?


Let us know how it goes.