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"Exclusive Loyalty Offer" not making sense to me...

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi guys, I'm needing some advice. Or at least want to vent a little frustration because I'm very confused.


Back story: My twin sister and I are long time Fido customers (years - since high school and we are well into adulthood now). We have had identical plans and obviously share the same Fido history. Today, we both received e-mails offering an exclusive loyalty plan we could switch to, BUT we were given different offers.


My sister's exclusive loyalty offer was the same but with a $10 difference that actually has an effect on my wallet, pinching pennies as it is! I asked if I could be enrolled into the cheaper plan that she was offered instead of the one that I got, but was told that nothing could be done because I simply wasn't targeted for this loyalty offer by the system. As a result, my twin sister was fortunate enough to change to the plan that she was offered, but now it seems silly for me act upon mine, which would be to pay $10 more for the exact same thing, despite us having identical history with Fido. I truly don't understand why I got the short end of the stick here, and I'm super sad to be missing out on her deal, which is one I could actually afford.


Any advice on how I can bring this up with another authority, other than the usual Fido Reps? I just want some actual explanation on why our near-identical Fido accounts are being treated differently.  I sincerely would like to know what made her qualify for the plan she was offered, but not myself when we have basically the same history of membership?


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hello @GelinaS,


Welcome to the community!


We have a system that targets different plans on different accounts. It's possible you could've gotten a much different plan than what you've been offered recently and same thing for your sister. Also, in the future you may be offered a different plan that results in an opposite situation to what you've pointed out. 


If you wish to look over your options, you can contact us by these methods or if you wish, you can send us a PM here and we'll be happy to help.