live chat unavailable ??

I'm a Contributor Level 1 alaflyca8
I'm a Contributor Level 1

live chat unavailable ??

I tried couple times already. It never works!


It shows the almost blank page with the following info:


To avoid accidental ending of your chat session, please do not refresh this browser window.

If you are using a mobile device, please note that your session may disconnect if you receive a call, if your device goes into sleep mode or if you are browsing on a different page during your chat session.

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Re: live chat unavailable ??

Hey @alaflyca8


It is not possible to add your internet account to your group ID login, so you will have to login with your email address.  The email login password is different than your group ID password, so if you don't remember it, you might have to reset it.


If you can't see your internet account after logging in with your email address, let us know! Smiley

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Re: live chat unavailable ??

Hey @alafly8


Thanks for keeping us updated!  I'm happy that everything's working now.


Have a nice weekend Smiley

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