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Why am i being charged an extra $25? Icant find any reason for the charge i

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Why am i being charged an extra $25? I cant find any reason for the charge it just says other fees. What other fees ? I only have a $25 plan and now its at $50 wtf fido way to scam people out of money during hard times. I do have 250 mb that i have not gone over. No other add ons as far as im aware. I switched from chater to  fido because fido told me i could get 250 mb for the same $25 fee i was paying with chater. Now on my fist bill its at $50 wtf how is it more. I look at my account and all it says is extra charges. What exactly are you charging me for? If you dont tell me i wont pay your fraudulent charge. And if you still wont tell me i might have to look into legal action.



Hello @F1d0isascam,


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If you print/save your full invoice details it will tell you exactly what the $25 extra charge is, you save/print your invoice details see here.


After viewing your invoice details and if any discrepancies still exists then you can contact customer service to have it sorted out.