Waiting for number to port over

Waiting for number to port over

Waiting for number to port over

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Waiting for number to port over



I am supposed to have my old number port over to Fido but i got a text message from 647-448-9950 saying "Hi, its FIDO, we cannot transfer your number because the porting number user did not approve the port within the allotted 90 minutes.


Should i be worried? The guy at the store said it will port over. Should not be any issues.




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Hey @n_hussain


Were you able to get your phone number transferred over? 

As @KAPABLE-K mentioned it is important that the message you receive from the previous carrier about authorizing the port-out be answered within the appropriate time-frame or the porting process will not go through. You can contact us so we can access your account and take a closer look into this with you. 


We can also send you a PM from here if you prefer. Let us know! 




Hello @n_hussain,


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Is the number you are porting still active? It needs to be active if you cancel the service then it will not port.


You will need to contact Fido's customer service and have the port started again and you should get a message from the provider you are porting from to approve the port in the allotted time or it will keep failing.